One thing the 2020 pandemic has made us realise that plans can change easily. Whatever it is you predict today, cant garuntee that it will be accurate tomorrow. You need to keep an eye on the latest trends and stay ahead of the competition

Also, 2020 make us more Digital. Things which seems hard to get the Digitalisation to make it easier.

Let’s learn more about Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Basically sending cold emails.

 It’s a form of direct marketing, using email to promote a business’s products and services. It involves sending any number of things from product announcements, discounts, audience education, or other services to a pre-set list of recipients. Email marketing will always work as long as everybody owns an email address. 

  • Email marketing is cheap
  • Email marketing is easy.
  • Email marketing is customer-centric.
  • Email marketing is convenient.

60% of people read emails using mobile clients.

Your recipients are on the move, and so you need to make sure your marketing email is suitable for mobile as well as computers. This means you need to use a one-column template.

  • Use simple & short subject line – Subject line plays a vital role in your email campaign so make sure keep it short & simple. Try to use questions in subject lines.
  • Segment your contact list – Segmentation is the trump card in your hands that allows you to craft relevant messages to your audience It helps you to identify the potential customer also it makes the process easier.
  • Personalised your message- Personalization can boost your email marketing results six-fold.

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